GCI Bundle Deals

GCI Internet Bundle Deals
GCI Bundles
Starting at
$ 103 . 99

✓ Hundreds of Digital Channels
✓ The Fastest Internet Speeds
✓ Choose from Many Plans
GCI Cable Epic Life Offer

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Smart Phone Plans

Smartphone Plans

GCI Smartphone Plans

Your smartphone needs both voice and data service in order to deliver the advanced communication features that make them so desirable. Pick your plan.

1 Voice Minutes (a)

Travel or make nationwide calls?

Nationwide Unlimited
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Recommended $69.99
Nationwide 2000
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Nationwide 1200
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Nationwide 500
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Stay or call in Alaska?
Alaska Unlimited
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Recommended $49.99
Alaska 1200
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Alaska 800
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2 Data Plans High speed data when and where you need it. Additional data is $15 per 1,000 MB. Tether laptops or tablets to the Internet.

Plan Price Personal Hotspot
3,000 MB $19.99 $10.00
5,000 MB Recommended $29.99 Included
10,000 MB $59.99 Included
20,000 MB $99.99 Included

3Messaging (Text and Picture) Stay in touch and share the moments.

Plan Price
Unlimited Individual $15
Unlimited Family(up to 5 users) $25


4 Available Features
Valuable features for your phone and lifestyle.

GCI Smartphone Cable Modem Add’l Usage Bonus
If you have a GCI Smartphone with a 3,000 MB (or higher) data plan up AND a qualifying GCI Cable Modem plan, you are eligible for
additional usage on your cable modem plan. Learn more here.
Handset Insurance  $6.49
Handset insurance is available to any customer at any time and covers you for loss, theft, damage from incident or accident or malfunction. Normal wear & tear and cosmetic damage to equipment is not covered. Mechanical/electrical failure covered only when occurring outside the Manufacturer’s Warranty period coverage. Complete coverage details here.
Smartphone Apps
Make the most of your smartphone with apps. Check out some of our suggestions.

(a) Share minutes with up to four additional partners. Night and Weekend calling (7pm-5:59am) and free mobile to mobile calling (GCI Wireless to GCI Wireless calls). Additional airtime is $0.30 per minute.
Nationwide and Canadian Long Distance $0.15 per minute (no charge on Nationwide plans). Nationwide and Canadian Roaming with Long Distance $0.45 per minute (no additional charge for US Roaming on Nationwide plans). “Long Distance” is a call from AK to the Lower 49 or Canada. “Roaming” is calls from Canada or Lower 49 to AK, Lower 49 or Canada. Directory assistance is $1.50 per call.


Monthly fees do not include taxes and surcharges.